Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The world tourism is derived from the word 'tourist' which deals with people visiting from one place to anotyher place internally or externally. tourisn is the act of the producing tourists from one palce to another or from one country to anothercountry. tourist are thevaluable assets for tye development and promotion of a country.

the development of tourists or the increment in the number of tourists is known as tourism development. tourism developmentis helping for the promotion in the number of tourists by providing faviourable enviroment to them for their pahhy and better living. it provides peaceful enviroment tothe tourists in the host countries. a country can earn a lot of frofit from tourism can earn foreign curenciesand can provide employement oppurnities to its citizens in case of increament in tourism sector.

every country is working on tourism sector by establishing different tourism industries from where tourist of any countries can enter another countries through tourism industries. tourism industries is helping to different tourists by providing facilities of peace ful enviroment. giving them the knowledge about the host country.

nepal is also one of the famous country for external tourists . many different kinds of tourists come through , SPW , VSN , and other many travel and treking agencies to celebrate the sabbath in nepal tourists are attached by sactarium and sacred places. thousands of colour ful festivals going thru the all the year here. main thing here is the himalayas . tourists can climb the himalayas in wounderful enviroment.

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