Friday, August 21, 2009

darjeeling tour (india)

There is nowhere quite a place like Darjeeling "Queen of hills" which nature has chosen with care and blessed it with beauty and lush greenery of the tea garden. It is far from the maddening crowds of the metros.
There is no finer place than Darjeeling to steep yourself in the grandeur and beauty of the towering snow-capped mountains. Its a fascinating place where you can see Buddhist monasteries, visit a tea plantation and see how the tea is processed, spend days for bargains in colorful markets and handicraft shops or go trekking to high altitude spots near the border with Sikkim.
There is lovely verdure every where- fir and pines. The views over the mountains to the snowy peaks of the Kanchenjunga and down to the swollen rivers in the valley bottom are magnificent.
Darjeeling has been very popular hill station, since the British established it as an R & R Center for their troops in the mid eighteen hundreds.
Best time : Best time to visit Darjeeling is mid September to mid December and resumes from mid March to mid June.
Altitude: 2134 mtr.
Area : 1144 square km.

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